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This deviation was deleted

Well, what to say? This is the classic "giantess vores a tiny man" image, so, well, it has not so much originality, besides the fact it shows the little guy drown in Kiliwy's saliva and burning in her stomach...In fact I found the little guy's point of view very original and well represented. However pictures like this should not be judged from their "originality". The drawing is well made, all the proportions are well represented, and Kiliwy's face is really awesomely made, such as her facial expressions. The shades are well placed too, and the effect given by the drawing is very pleasant. In other's really sexy XD
It made me feel like I wanted to know Kiliwy, to see her doing this stuff for real, although I'm really not that cruel XD

So, briefly: the whole vision is really sexy, it has a strong impact, and the technique well represents the characters. Well, maybe it's not too original, but as I said pictures like this shouldn't be judged from their originality. So, well, I would have written just "This picture is awesome", but you need at least 100 words to publish a critique, so... XD
Again, congratulations for this image, Niine! We're looking forward to see Kiliwy again in the future! Maybe with feet stuff LOL XD Nah, just kidding, do whatever you want, everything you do is awesome ^^
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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niinine Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
gosh, well, thank you! i don't really agree that it's well shaded though, some of the shadows are a bit spotty ;o ~ o but thank you!
MrShadowMan Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
.......Well, the program you used has limits, but I loved this drawing XD
No problem! ^-^
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